If I could tell my younger-self anything it would be:

You are Enough.
You are MORE than enough.
You are beautiful and sexy and worthy.
just the way you are.
You can say no, or yes, or I want…
You are good enough, beautiful enough, interesting enough,
And anyone who doesn’t see it?
It’s their loss, their blinders, their own insecurities.
Don’t let that seep into you,
don’t lower your standards, don’t lessen your shine for anyone.
You are Enough
You are Smart
You are Strong
You are Beautiful
You are Sexy
You are Worthy


Commitment to Write Daily

I’m going to write every day,


to pull the emotions that lay under layers of cement,

meant to protect my heart,

out from their long captivity. Continue reading Commitment to Write Daily

Little Black Boys Dying

I feel sick, I feel sick, I feel sick
Little boys are dying
Yet so much of humanity has no humanity
Their dark skin makes them grown,
It seems to make your skin crawl when we refer to them as son,
Child, teenager, even – young man,
Though some are not even close to manhood.
You prefer words like ghetto, thug, thief,
Say he felt like Hulk Hogan in your hands
Had the look of a demon in his eyes
You felt fear, fear for your life, this I do not doubt. Continue reading Little Black Boys Dying

A Love Unreciprocated

I don’t know what it is about you
can go years and years and years without seeing you,
without hearing you speak to me
yet when I do I’m instantly excited by the tone of your voice
while at the same time, calm in your presence.
I can be so angry at you and swear that I’ll never let you in again,
yet the next time that I see you,
as soon as I see your face I just want to hold you and kiss you,
want to let you know everything that’s happened in my life
and want you to let me into your world.
What is it about you that makes me feel 16 no matter how old I am,
why could I not give a million perfectly good men a second look,
but the second you’re in my life again I want you there forever?

Continue reading A Love Unreciprocated