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Writing My Happy Ending

I want to write a novel, an essay,

a work of literary brilliance…

yet I cannot untangle the weeds in my head,

the thoughts of you that ensnare every other thought,

the what’ifs that choke the life out of every other dream.

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I Write to…

I am writing just to write, just to feel alive

to get out of the space in my head

and place my hopes and dreams firmly in reality;

or what feels like reality anyways,

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Loveless Poetry

Not madly in love, not devastatingly heartbroken
so what shall fuel my soul now,
what drives me to put pen to paper?
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How do you create an environment conducive to creativity?

I need to have a bedside lamp and notepad next to my bed! It seems when I am half-asleep/half-conscious I have these amazing ideas for things I should write about, yet when I wake up all I can remember is that I HAD an amazing idea and not exactly what that idea was. I remember that I had one of those a few nights ago, that I kept churning it over and adding to it in my head. I also remember foolishly thinking “I’ll write this all down when I wake up.” The substance of that “great idea”? No clue!

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