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If I could tell my younger-self anything it would be:

You are Enough.
You are MORE than enough.
You are beautiful and sexy and worthy.
just the way you are.
You can say no, or yes, or I want…
You are good enough, beautiful enough, interesting enough,
And anyone who doesn’t see it?
It’s their loss, their blinders, their own insecurities.
Don’t let that seep into you,
don’t lower your standards, don’t lessen your shine for anyone.
You are Enough
You are Smart
You are Strong
You are Beautiful
You are Sexy
You are Worthy


List Your Self! Do Lists Help?

Does anyone have this book “List Your Self: Listmaking as the Way to Self-Discovery”?  or any similar books?  Do you find that answering questions in random list form helps you?  I write lists in my journal all the time; places I want to visit, places I already have visited, movies I want to see, books I’ve read, books I want to read, places I’d like to move, jobs that sound fun. When I was younger I would write lists of baby names, now that my oldest is about to enter college I find myself writing lists of colleges, majors I think would be fun for her, I bought a book full of lists of things she should do for each grade in High School to prepare for College. 

I have always liked self-tests, quizzes, journaling. But this idea of making lists of random things for self-discovery, I’m not so sure of. When I make the above lists, they don’t just sit there – I scour the internet for more information, add books to my reading list, add movies to my Netflix list, request information from travel agencies, colleges, etc.  What am I supposed to do with a list such as “List the Ways the Full Moon Affects Your Behavior” or “List the Names of All your Past Bosses.” The first one, I don’t believe the Full Moon affects my behavior at all – so that will stay blank. The second one, I don’t remember any of my boss’s names prior to the job I have now and the one I had prior – so I guess that would be a good exercise in trying to dig into my memory?

Some lists I’ll never fill in because they are not applicable to my life. Some I would like to fill-in, and it is rather depressing that I can’t. “List all the things that always make you laugh.”  My kids. That’s it, that is all I can think of!  “List What Consistently Worries you Each Day” Well – that one is easy and most of it revolves around money or how I am raising my kids!  “List Your Sunday Rituals” I don’t have rituals. But then there are the ones that maybe I should sit down with, ponder, and really put some effort into such as “List all the actvities you’d do if you weren’t so afraid” or “List all the Qualities you love about being human.”  “List all the things you just don’t want to think about.” Well, if I don’t want to think about them, don’t I have to think about them to list them and maybe I just don’t wanna?!  There is a whole section devoted to things such as your higher power, prayer, soul, spirit, miracles, blah, blah, blah that I’ll maybe use as scratch paper for more important “Greater Truths.”  Oh – and my favorite – “List all the things you can prove are true.”  You really think this one piece of paper is big enough to list every provable fact in the world?????


So – have at it! What are your experiences with this book in particular or with lists in General?


This is my body,
all the areas that feel so soft under your caress
that connect to something magical inside of me when touched
the hairs that stand on end when you whisper in my earlobe,
the freckles that get darker under the warm summer sun
and fade away during the harshness of winter
skin that cries out for moisture,
that tries to hide all the bones and blood within,
but some of the veins in my hands and wrists insist on being seen anyway.

This is my body
that is a colorful canvas,
with its pink undertones on cream flesh, flecks of brown, blue veins, blue eyes,
hair that’s mostly a deep brown, with a persistent red that pushes through
and now, several coarse grey hairs that insist on making their mark
right on top, yelling that youth is leaving, and perhaps wisdom is coming.

This is my body
with its hard elbows and dry, cracking feet
that never seem to smell quite as wonderful as you’d like
but have gotten me to the tops of peaks to look down at beautiful vistas
or hurried me along, and away from danger’s hands
they aren’t ticklish, they aren’t small and dainty, they are strong and sturdy feet.

This is my body
with parts that feel weak and parts that feel strong
parts that are alive with passion and parts that are tired
with lines and scars and stretch marks and occasional pimples,
confused whether its face is still a teenager or a middle aged woman.

This is my body
with eyebrows that are rarely plucked
lips that are almost daily covered in some color or shimmer
eyes that want to see but need help so my vision is not blurred
ears that connect to hips that move to beats that change the pace of my heart.

This is my body
that has been shared and taken and slapped and beaten and choked
and torn and bruised and stretched and bitten
it has seen and experienced humans at their worst,
has been cold and hungry and fatigued and housed a person who felt like quitting
but has kept on going and going and going.

This is my body
it has worked through all kinds of pain but has seen so much joy
some of those scars and stretch marks came when this body carried two beautiful babies within its womb,
nursed them at its breasts one year each
and has held and nurtured and comforted and calmed children in its loving arms.

This is my body
perfect in its imperfections, strong in its weakness,
lovely in its contradictions,
capable of storing a lifetime of memories in each of its cells,
pulsating and sweating and screaming at times,
but always – BEAUTIFUL!