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Life’s Regrets, So Far

As I’m preparing for the “next chapter” of my life and also trying to come to a place of inner peace with where I’m at versus where I wanted to be at by this point in my life, I am taking inventory of some of my biggest regrets in life so far.  Hopefully taking stock of these regrets, as sad as it is to know that I cannot undo the things that have led me here, will remind me to live a more authentic life in the future. Continue reading Life’s Regrets, So Far


We Cannot Undo What We Say or Do….

My biggest and most painful life lesson, which I have been reminded of and thinking on a lot lately.

Before you make any decision take as much time as you need to breathe, to slow down, and to really think about it before verbalizing your decision or acting upon it. Make sure you are making decisions based on who you truly are, what you truly want, not influenced by those around you for whom these decisions do not directly impact and that you are making decisions not based on impulse but making decisions that you can live with today, tomorrow and six months from now. Continue reading We Cannot Undo What We Say or Do….

Starving for Love, Settling for Crumbs

I was starving for love
thirsty, aching in my desire to create home,
to be connected, to have a partner
Wanted to feel love, to be touched,
so badly I settled for crumbs.
I caved in to an old, familiar touch, Continue reading Starving for Love, Settling for Crumbs