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This Place

Finally was able to get all of my poetry that was trapped in the world of Myspace! So I will be posting them here one at a time….starting with one of my favorites I had thought may be lost forever!

This Place

My love for you is a clear, crisp vision in my head
I don’t know how to articulate into words,
but just so you can grasp its depth, I will make a futile attempt.

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Monotone Life

Trapped in a world I no longer recognize

where love is vanquished and dreams seize to exist

Confined in a world lacking true emotion

where day-to-day existence is robotic,

one foot in front of the other down a path to nowhere.

If I were cut would I bleed?

What would it take to create tears in my eyes again?

To have true joy spill from my heart?

I vaguely remember those feelings,

if I try hard enough, I can recall what love felt like

can pretend for a moment to be bathed in it

before reality rushes back in and  its extinguished.

Stuck in a world that reads more like a textbook than a novel,

looks more like a black and white silent film

than a vibrant, full-color, action-packed flick.

Trapped, confined, stuck

I know there must be a way out

but I don’t even know the words that would need to be written

to rewrite the story, to alter the course.

Pet Project

I have been noticing a welcome influx as of late of people visiting my page and liking my poems, thank you new visitors and friends!

Now, if I could ask of all of you a favor? Please take a few moments to peruse my collection of poems and let me know if one inspires you or if you discover a favorite. I have decided to start working on collecting all of my best into a book of poetry and it would be VERY helpful to have some input.


Loveless Poetry

Not madly in love, not devastatingly heartbroken
so what shall fuel my soul now,
what drives me to put pen to paper?
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