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Thank you to everyone who checked out my new blog today! Just a reminder, this site IS interactive so feel free to like, share, comment with praise, suggestions, thoughts or critiques! 

I would love to sit down for a few hours and really get this thing put together; unfortunately I don’t have a working real computer right now, just my cell phone and Kindle Fire! My laptop isn’t charging, I’m not sure what we do to fry them?! And the desktop I inherited from my dad is waiting for someone to put all the pieces together and get regular (nonwireless) internet…

This weekend I have a super exciting meeting I get to take minutes at, bringing my girls to my friend E’s house, going to a cousin’s wedding, and then spending all day Sunday on the St. Croix River. I am sure my oldest will take splendid pictures, while both of them take turns arguing over why the other one should be paddling! 

Just give me this final week to soak in summer with my kids, and then I promise I will spend some time in our living quarters attempting to make it look like an adult lives there!