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I’m Marching for Babies!

I was so fortunate to have both of my daughters make it to full term strong and healthy! I know the odds are not stacked in our favor, as my second pregnancy ended in a very unexpected and sad miscarriage. So many go from the high of finding out they’re expecting to the low of a miscarriage, but then once we get beyond those precarious first few months, it’s not a home run for everyone either!

I have friends who struggled with all of their pregnancies and none of their four children were born full-term. I remember when my cousin stopped by the house several years ago on Christmas Eve, on his and his wife’s way home from the hospital – their little bundle of joy finally ready to come home after weeks in the NICU. Just last year a young couple I know had their first son, Liam, who is now a healthy, happy one-year old; but I cannot imagine the fear they went through going to the hospital, knowing something was wrong, knowing it was dangerously early, seeing their little boy sooooo tiny and fragile.

These stories and many more are why I walk in support of March of Dimes/March for Babies. They do such amazing work in support and research. I know the entire process of reproduction is a complicated one and that nowhere in nature is it 100% successful, but if they can help more families through the process or prevent more families from the tragic loss of a baby – that’s an amazing thing!

Please consider giving your support: March for Babies – View Personal Page For poeticsinglemama http://www.marchforbabies.org/poeticsinglemama