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Are you real?

You speak the words I think
you possess the knowledge I seek
You reach for the dreams
that are trapped in slumber
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Abandoned All Fear

I once was so cautious, so critical
everyone had a hidden agenda,
ulterior motives.
Heartbreak inevitable, I clutched mine close
was drifting through life at a steady pace,
sure not to trip.
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As I Lay Here…

As I lay here contemplating the past few months
my mind wants to sort through and organize all the steps
but I can’t sort it all out into a neat timeline just yet.
All I know is I met a man who seemed talented and sweet
I had no real intentions at first,
beyond that we may someday meet.
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Listen to the Whispers

Just a whisper at first, a gentle prodding
“open your ears, your eyes, your heart” it said.
And though I’m usually not very good at listening, I did –
it was like a calling from within, something I knew I HAD to do.
So when he spoke I really listened,
when I had something to say, I tried not to hesitate
or worry about the words falling out of my mouth.
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