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Poems of a Life Past

I am trying to write the next chapter of My Life in Parts, and it is taking longer than expected as I don’t want to just brush over certain parts. Also, my memory is a little foggy and so I intend to go over it with some people who may be able to fill in missing parts or clarify timelines. In the meantime, I have been looking through notebooks and journals from when I was a teenager. I wrote A LOT of poetry, and wow – some of it was DEPRESSING, some of it beautiful. And so, I am giving my teenage self a voice and posting some of those poems on here. Do not worry about me and think I am depressed, suicidal or using drugs as these poems are all 17 – 20 years old. Maybe some will be helpful to those going through their own struggles, as I am proof that you can overcome.


The Demons that posses me
are left nameless
in shadows they lurk, Continue reading Poems of a Life Past