My Bucket List


  1. Raise healthy/well rounded kids (working on it!)
  2. Go kayaking/camping by myself
  3. Finish my Bachelor’s Degree
  4. Go Skydiving with Emma on her 18th birthday
  5. Take a hot-air balloon ride
  6. Parasailing
  7. Scuba diving
  8. Swim with dolphins
  9. Go on a cruise
  10. Go Whale watching
  11. Visit all 50 states (been to 36 plus D.C. – yes, airports count – but that was only two of them so I guess 34 if you don’t count em! Not counting when I was a baby  though since I don’t remember)
  12. Week long backpacking trip with the kids (did 3 days)
  13. Disney World
  14. All 72 State Parks
  15. At least 5 National Parks
  16. Visit 5 out of 7 continents (not Antarctica or Australia)
  17. Move to someplace outside of Minnesota
  18. See a Broadway Play
  19. Write my life-story, even if I never publish it
  20. Do something I enjoy for money in my later years, rather than working a 9 – 5 job just to pay the bills
  21. Go to a horse race
  22. Take a trip via train
  23. Take a tour of the White House
  24. Go grape stomping
  25. Take skiing/snowboarding lessons
  26. Go Whitewater rafting
  27. Hold a snake
  28. Go on the Power Tower or some other ride I’ve been too scared of
  29. Stay in a cabin for a whole weekend during the winter
  30. Learn a foreign language enough to make small talk at least
  31. Watch my grand kids graduate/get married
  32. Drive a motorcycle
  33. Run for public office – school board, city council, something local
  34. Attend at least one party where I get to wear a  gown
  35. Stay at a ranch and learn how to ride a horse
  36. Try sauerkraut
  37. Take the girls tubing behind a boat
  38. Learn how to belly dance or something sexy to boost confidence
  39. Get Lasik
  40. Go to a Theater/Dinner show
  41. Fly in a helicopter
  42. Share a poem/spoken word piece at an Open Mic
  43. Take a specialty cooking class
  44. Go to a rodeo

I should do as some other bloggers I’ve seen do too – and make a “Reverse Bucket List” – I think it would be cool to take stock in some of the amazing experiences I have already had!


A Love Unreciprocated

I don’t know what it is about you
can go years and years and years without seeing you,
without hearing you speak to me
yet when I do I’m instantly excited by the tone of your voice
while at the same time, calm in your presence.
I can be so angry at you and swear that I’ll never let you in again,
yet the next time that I see you,
as soon as I see your face I just want to hold you and kiss you,
want to let you know everything that’s happened in my life
and want you to let me into your world.
What is it about you that makes me feel 16 no matter how old I am,
why could I not give a million perfectly good men a second look,
but the second you’re in my life again I want you there forever?

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My Babies

My babies, my sweet little girls, my everythings

no longer tiny or completely dependent,

you do not fit in the cradle of my arm

and it’s been an eternity since I could carry you around.

But I can still wrap my arms around you

and as I’m comforting you, it comforts me,

every time you call me mom or mommy my heart leaps.

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If You Don’t Want All of Me

This one still makes me a lil sad….

If you don’t want to handle my tears,
you don’t get to see my smiles
If you don’t want to hear about my fears,
I won’t tell you about my joys
If you aren’t willing to walk the long miles,
then you don’t get to be part of the journey.

If you don’t want me to share my soul with you,
then I’m not going to share my body with you either.
If you don’t want to build a home together,
its futile for us to play house.
If you don’t want to acknowledge me in the open,
then you don’t need to behind closed doors.
If you don’t want to hold my hand in the sunshine,
don’t expect to be holding anything else in the darkness.

I am taking all my power back,
I know what I want, I know who I am and I’m not settling.
If you don’t want all of me, you can’t have any of me!

The musings of a 30-something, urban, single mother

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