Do Daughters HAVE to have daddies to grow up well???

A few things that I’ve read lately about how dads influence their daughters has scared the crap out of me and I hope that they are NOT true!!!  Any advice on anything else I can do to ensure they do NOT become true would be greatly appreciated! The idea that my daughters will think less of themselves or will date losers/men who treat them like they’re unimportant because of their dad terrifies me!!! Continue reading Do Daughters HAVE to have daddies to grow up well???


Most Days….

One of my more melancholy poems:

Most days my children bring so much sunshine into my life I’m tempted to put on sunglasses.
Most days I have so many things going on I’m a constant stream of motion.
Most days the love of my friends has me floating on a cloud and I’m overcome with gratitude.

Some days, seemingly out of nowhere, this immense loneliness strikes.
Some days the sadness is brief, and like a passing shadow vanishes quickly.
Some days it lingers, and I cannot shake it, as it begins to consume my thoughts. Continue reading Most Days….

See….I don’t ask for that much!

I wrote this after my last major break-up when I was really thinking, what DO I want?!?!

What I Need in a Partner:

Honesty: Don’t expect me to guess what you’re thinking or feeling. If something is bothering you, come to me with it right away in a constructive way so we can handle it and I’ll try to do the same. Also, if you don’t have anything to hide, don’t act like it. Example, acting like your phone is the most prized possession in the house and guarding it with your life, making sure the keyboard is covered whenever you enter your FB password, or just in anyway acting sneaky. Continue reading See….I don’t ask for that much!

Thoughts on Religion

Humans spend countless waking hours trying to make sense of it,
trying to learn about it, staying awake at night to worry about it.
They spend absurd amounts of time trying to pacify some guy in the sky
trying to justify that they’re good enough
to be welcomed into some magical place upon death.
Humans ignore, discard, repute, invalidate
numerous facts to keep on believing in what used to explain the unexplainable
which no longer really needs any explaining.
They take books written hundreds or thousands of years ago
and pull from them bits and pieces as irrefutable truth,
say you must do as these books say or else,
ignore all the contradictions within them, say they are written or inspired by God,
therefore they MUST be true, must be right even when they’re wrong.
Use words like “faith” which seems to mean
believing in something when there is no proof of its existence,
or even when there is proof it does not exist.

Its almost like an illness, an addiction, an obsession.
There is so much beauty all around us,
so much goodness, so much to be thankful for, inspired by
yet we need to believe there is something more.
We all know the lifecycle, we have little control over when it ends
yet we think if we pray hard enough we can stop it,
if we live well enough we can conquer it.
Most belief systems espouse goodness and kindness
and we act like if you don’t believe you won’t know those virtues,
yet so many people who believe do such ugly and inhumane things.
Judge, persecute, imprison, torture, go to war, exclude, condemn
all in the name of what’s holy, what your “God” has said.

The musings of a 30-something, urban, single mother

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