Thank You My Love

Thank you, thank you for coming back into my life
thank you for yanking me out of my complacency
for ripping open old wound,
for making my heart feel again.

I have put a strong, hard front up for so long
I have been sleep walking through life
taking care of others, neglecting myself.

Thank you for making me cry again
it feels therapeutic after a long drought,
thank you for making me think again
about what I want and what I don’t.

I have loved you for so long
it will be hard to finally let go,
I am sad we don’t get our happily ever after
that the us I’ve fantasized of isn’t what you want.

Thank you for the sweet moments,
for holding me close and making me feel safe and loved,
even if only for a moment
thank you for pushing me towards finally seeking healing….


Progression of Disbelief (a work in progress)

I don’t believe in small woodland creatures with pointy ears,
No dwarves, fairies, gnomes, or wood elves have made my acquaintance
When I enter the wood, I do not look for them,
I do not imagine the complex and splendid tree roots sticking up from the ground
To be their miniature homes
Or the vibrant green moss to be their insulated roofs.

I do not believe in dragons, krakens, or loch ness monsters
When I step into the inky cold waters
When stillness is all around me
And fog clutches the top like a misty spell
I do not search for them below the depths
Or think I feel their warm and muggy breath upon my body. Continue reading Progression of Disbelief (a work in progress)

Meaningless Love

Such a meaningless word to you
Such an unconvincing statement
No depth when you say it
No actions to back it up,
just words you let drip from your mouth
Say it back when I say it to appease me.

The concept seems to escape you
Even though you utilize the word so easily
Its true meaning is lost to you
A word, it’s simply a word to you
It rings shallow in my ears now

Wanted to believe it
To hear it said back to me
Needed it to mean something
To solidify that I wasn’t alone
That this wasn’t a solitary endeavor
But it seems to be

However, my love doesn’t weaken, doesn’t dissipate
Because you don’t know how to give it back. . .

A Content Life

Wasn’t happy
Haven’t been happy in quite some time,
Content, I was content
Had come to terms with a life of solitude.

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