My Perfect Man

This isn’t a poem, but being as I have been mostly single for about 8 years, with a few false starts along the way, I thought I would put it out into the world…
  • Super smart – but not arrogant or condescending about it, respects my intelligence and pushes me to grow
  • Gives a shit about the world – votes every year, cares about and has an opinion on what is going on in the world, cares about others’ rights, others’ humanity
  • A great kisser. We have to be physically compatible, he has to be a giver and not just a taker.
  • A nice voice. There is something about some men’s voices that can just send my heart racing, send shivers through my entire body.
  • Strong. Not like bodybuilder strong, but like strong enough that I feel safe when he wraps his arms around me Continue reading My Perfect Man

What Now?

“Work hard enough and you can accomplish anything”

“The only one standing in the way of your dreams is you”


These are the narratives we hear every day,

That nothing we want is out of our hands

That all we must do is work hard –

But what if your definition of success isn’t material? Continue reading What Now?

Why the F*&CK am I Dating?

Stare at profile after profile

Word after word

Stabs at humor, failed attempts to seem woke,

Acronyms I have to google

Pictures with dogs, fish, babies

Pictures perfectly posed in front of cliché travel icons

Lists of the prerequisite things everyone must like;

Continue reading Why the F*&CK am I Dating?

I didn’t want to wake up today

I dreamt a dream of utter bliss

nothing fanciful, no special effects

a dream so warm and cozy,

startled when I awoke and life was still like this.

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The musings of a 30-something, urban, single mother

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