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I Don’t Want To Give of Myself

just had another revelation! I have been on numerous dates since my last relationship ended 5 years ago, and I’ve analyzed myself, my dates, the dating pool, etc. trying to decipher a reason why I hadn’t met anyone who I wanted more with and who wanted more with me. Why there hadn’t been any sparks flying or, more accurately, why I haven’t met anyone I am compatible with or can see myself having a relationship with. Continue reading I Don’t Want To Give of Myself

New Dreams

I used to daydream about a perfect wedding, a nice house, a job I’d love, raising a herd of kids

Now I daydream about selling it all, leaving it all, seeing the world unfettered by material things. Continue reading New Dreams

MN Nice

Passive-aggressive behavior seems to be synonymous with being MN Nice. People SEEM so nice, because they always smile even when they’re seething inside, they don’t speak harshly to anyone and they avoid direct confrontation. But under this “nice” exterior, things aren’t all that nice. They mask their true feelings and motivations with over-the-top niceness while letting their true thoughts and feelings boil under the surface, sometimes seeping out slowly in sarcastic or manipulative ways, other times erupting in explosive and unhealthy fights when they can no longer keep it all in.

Here are a few examples of passive-aggressive behavior for those who are unsure what the term means: Continue reading MN Nice

Little Black Boys Dying

I feel sick, I feel sick, I feel sick
Little boys are dying
Yet so much of humanity has no humanity
Their dark skin makes them grown,
It seems to make your skin crawl when we refer to them as son,
Child, teenager, even – young man,
Though some are not even close to manhood.
You prefer words like ghetto, thug, thief,
Say he felt like Hulk Hogan in your hands
Had the look of a demon in his eyes
You felt fear, fear for your life, this I do not doubt. Continue reading Little Black Boys Dying