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I Have Not Become a Hollow Shell

write, write something

put pen to paper

will words to flow from ink

don’t stop your writing to think.

write, write something

force your hand to keep moving

scribble incoherently if you must

prove your brain hasn’t turned to dust.

write, write something

whatever pops into your mind let out

allow the energy of your heart to flow

you still have emotions, let them show.

Maybe I’m Not in Love

Maybe I’m not in love, maybe I’m obsessed

When you’re in love, are you supposed to yearn this much?

Do you always become so preoccupied, dying for their touch?

Is love something that can really be this intense,

that you feel in every molecule of your flesh.

Does love make you literally feel your soul aglow?

Does it take you to the highest peaks?

and vanquish from memory the lowest lows?

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Are you real?

You speak the words I think
you possess the knowledge I seek
You reach for the dreams
that are trapped in slumber
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Lost Dreams

Trapped in my own head
so many dreams & aspirations
an entire different life – altered realty
As I drudge through the mundane
my head fills with adventures
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