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Raising Kids in Chaos

I grasp two precious hands in mine
two sets of sapphire eyes stare up at me,
placing me upon a pedestal.
One lil angel giggles mischievously
and rolls her eyes – oh so dramatic!!!
The other face, scattered with freckles,
looks up – so tender, curious, even sapient.
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Advocating for Our Children

I went to an event at my daughter’s school last night. It is a program called CPEO, which stands for Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities. It is a seven week series where we’ll be given tons of information on supporting our kids through Middle School and into High School, helping to get them “College Ready.”  I think it will be informative for me, as I never graduated from High School so I never went through the graduation process, the applying for colleges, touring colleges, taking ACTs and SATs and all that that entails – I want to make sure I know as much about it as possible to help my girls through the process. To support them, to engage with their teachers and to advocate for them if necessary.
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Where is the Balance?

Where is the Balance? Living your life to the fullest, while putting your kids’ wellbeing first….

I love an inspirational story! Who doesn’t? A story of determination. overcoming, reaching for your dreams, living each day as if its your last, true love conquering all, long-lost loves reunited, and so on. I believe that this is the one and only life we have and that we need to live it to the fullest. I want to be reminded of that, to be pulled out of the mundane and reminded to reach for my dreams. Continue reading Where is the Balance?


My beautiful, beautiful Arianna with your golden hair
and the intrinsic ability to care so deeply for others,
even when they are unaware,
your beauty that is so beyond skin deep
it is a deep well of feeling and emotion and energy
that makes you weep
your beautiful tears that are shed for the horse in Spirit
or the homeless man on the street
that wants to give up your last dollar to give that sad man a bite to eat.
Will you be crushed under the mountain of feelings that surround you
or will you use them, convert them into energy for good,
I know you’d save the world from all its injustices if you could
Even as you sit and eat your frozen yogurt or sip your starbucks latte,
laugh and giggle over vine videos and other random things that are blasé
I know your empathy never seizes,
even when you roll your eyes at me, act out in typical teenage fashion
I know that mundane, materialist things will never be your passion.
You have a heart of gold my beautiful girl
and with everything that I am there is one thing that I swear,
I will do all in my power to help all your dreams come true
so some day you can soar
world …. beware!