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To Someone Who No Longer Is

It is so surreal that you do not exist anymore,

all that is left of you, of your humanity, is in the memories of others

in the impressions you left on other people, other lives

in the DNA that flows through the bodies of your children.

But you – your laughter, your smile, your bear hugs,

I’ll never see them again, never feel your lively energy

never be enthralled by one of your stories.

I am writing to a person that only exists now in memory

writing to a person who simply is no more

will never read these words, will never respond,

will never make me smile or laugh again.

You don’t exist anymore, how is that possible?


Writing My Happy Ending

I want to write a novel, an essay,

a work of literary brilliance…

yet I cannot untangle the weeds in my head,

the thoughts of you that ensnare every other thought,

the what’ifs that choke the life out of every other dream.

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Speaking Differently About Love

Had to share this great TedTalk!



I Write to…

I am writing just to write, just to feel alive

to get out of the space in my head

and place my hopes and dreams firmly in reality;

or what feels like reality anyways,

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