What Now?

“Work hard enough and you can accomplish anything”

“The only one standing in the way of your dreams is you”


These are the narratives we hear every day,

That nothing we want is out of our hands

That all we must do is work hard –

But what if your definition of success isn’t material?

What if you’ve never had grand career aspirations or desires to own your own business?

And no amount of grind will get you to what you ultimately want?

What if your goals don’t have a 10-point plan?

Aren’t measurable by how much funding you’ve raised

Or what level of education you’ve obtained?


What if your goals revolve around love, family, peace

Connection, stability, experience?

How do you calculate those?

How do you redefine them if half the equation is missing?

How is being a wife obtainable if you “just work hard enough”?

How is having true love obtainable,

if everyone you’ve ever loved walks away?


Do I need to lay out a new plan?

Throw away the wants and desires of my heart I’ve held my whole life –

and suddenly care about things like career, money, and status?

Since the other hopes and dreams never made it

Or only came to half-fruition…

I am a mother, I love being a mother,

but I didn’t get my 4+ kids

I didn’t get a husband and life partner,

My someone to experience life with and grow old with.


Children leave, they leave the nest

They go out into the world and chase their own dreams

The dreams you’ve told them they can obtain,

If they just work hard enough

If they get out of their own way…

And you’re left wondering what you’ll do with the rest of yours….


Tell me what you think!

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