Searching in all the wrong places…

Words of inspiration.

Quotes over pretty pictures.

Recommended self-help books.

I’m reading and absorbing,
reflecting and trying to be open.
Hoping to hear or read just the right something,
yearning for those words that will be transformative,
life-changing, affirming;
will light a spark,
change the trajectory of my life,
help to heal my badly battered heart.

But the inspiring quotes don’t inspire.
The glossy self-help books aren’t helping.
Over-simplified Facebook memes
“Happiness comes from within”
as if there is some switch I just need to flip on.
Books that emphasize our human need for love, connection, belonging –
that’s my issue, it isn’t helpful to reinforce what is missing,
as if I’m simply choosing to be unloved and disconnected…

Self-love, worthiness, belonging, I am Enough, I am lovable – – –
I didn’t just throw these things in the trash Willy-nilly
They’re not just in my head
LIFE experiences have told me truths, have tarnished hope,
It seems silly to say “I am lovable” or “I am deserving of love” if life has shown otherwise…


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