Progression of Disbelief (a work in progress)

I don’t believe in small woodland creatures with pointy ears,
No dwarves, fairies, gnomes, or wood elves have made my acquaintance
When I enter the wood, I do not look for them,
I do not imagine the complex and splendid tree roots sticking up from the ground
To be their miniature homes
Or the vibrant green moss to be their insulated roofs.

I do not believe in dragons, krakens, or loch ness monsters
When I step into the inky cold waters
When stillness is all around me
And fog clutches the top like a misty spell
I do not search for them below the depths
Or think I feel their warm and muggy breath upon my body.

I do not believe in the firebird, the thunderbird, or the Phoenix
No matter how dark the sky turns
How many shades of purple, red, or orange
When the lightening erupts across it
When the thunder shakes me to the very core
I do not turn to see what mythical creature is causing this destructive display.

I do not believe in Jehovah, Allah, The Supreme Being, Yahweh
When in my darkest hour there is no drive to cry out
There are no prayers said upon my knees
When I walk into an old, grand church full of the warm smell of incense
I do not feel his presence, do not become overcome with emotion
dance around, sing praise, or speak in gibberish
I only feel the arch of history in the bones of the building.

I do not believe in love, destiny, soul mates, the One
Don’t believe he’s out there, maybe in the mountains of Nepal
Or studying at Oxford, just waiting for our chance encounter
Don’t believe that if I’m just patient, he’ll find me,
Or that the one that got away will someday come to his senses,
Quit being foolish, and realize I’m the one his heart desires.

I do not believe in fairytales.

It is all fairytales.


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