Comfort Food

You know that satiated feeling you have after a large family feast,

That cozy feeling when you’re wrapped up on a cold day with a plush, comfy blanket,

That feeling you have when you have a slice of your favorite pie,

Or slide into your favorite pair of jeans and a worn-in flannel?

You are my comfort food, my comfy blanket, my piece of pumpkin pie, my worn in flannel.

I am cozy and content in your presence

Your kisses are soft, gentle, safe

Our conversations are easy, smooth.


Maybe this is what I should want,

This safety net, a man who is consistent, good

Perhaps meatloaf and mashed potatoes are preferable

To a fancy meal at a french restaurant

Or the newest foodie craze, with tastes of flavor that burst in your mouth.

A warm cup of coffee or an ice cold beer, can be better than a mojito or craft cocktail, right?






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