Maybe I’m Not in Love

Maybe I’m not in love, maybe I’m obsessed

When you’re in love, are you supposed to yearn this much?

Do you always become so preoccupied, dying for their touch?

Is love something that can really be this intense,

that you feel in every molecule of your flesh.

Does love make you literally feel your soul aglow?

Does it take you to the highest peaks?

and vanquish from memory the lowest lows?

Maybe I’m not in love, for this doesn’t even feel like me!

Are you sure it’s not just a dream, an out of body experience,

have I stepped into someone else’s world?

For the person I was before didn’t smile constantly

she wasn’t giddy or even girly and such

and she’d have NEVER acted the way I act now.

The girl I knew wouldn’t trust this much

she wouldn’t give a man ANY control, let alone let him order her lunch!

Maybe I’m not in love, maybe I’ve been transported to some parallel universe

for in my world, they don’t make men like this!

Do men on this planet really get you, down to your very core?

Can they really excite you from miles away?

Can they, without even trying, brighten up your entire day?

Are men supposed to open your soul, clarify your mind?

If most men aren’t like this, how in the world did I find one?

If this is REALLY love

If this is REALLY me

If he is REALLY he

Then I’m NEVER letting go!!!


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