Growing in Love

You grasp the essence of who I am,
unveiling all my layers,
comprehending the subtleties –
the contrasting pieces of my being.

You see things in me,
at times enlightening me,
expanding my own awareness of self.

There are things non-verbalized
yet spoken between our souls,
things you understand that are beyond
other’s understanding.

You push me to rethink my perceptions
to truly become aware, conscious, empathetic.
My levels of trust, patience, love –
have all expanded to new heights.

Being in your presence inspires the best of me,
not superficially, but in a spirit of growth
as you become a better man & I a better woman.
For once I have met my match!
Someone who challenges me positively
in all aspects of this journey.
One I can talk to for eternity about infinite things,
one I can see building and growing with.

Finally I have found a deep rooted, mature love-
hopefully we both remain worthy of it!


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