Listen to the Whispers

Just a whisper at first, a gentle prodding
“open your ears, your eyes, your heart” it said.
And though I’m usually not very good at listening, I did –
it was like a calling from within, something I knew I HAD to do.
So when he spoke I really listened,
when I had something to say, I tried not to hesitate
or worry about the words falling out of my mouth.
And then, when he actually entered my house
when his smile graced me and his eyes electrified the room,
the whisper became louder and more persistent,
even as out of fear I tried to drown it out.
Each conversation, each embrace, each kiss
has only turned up the volume
and though there have been some moments, small struggles,
every brief moment of frustration is worth
all of the moments of joy and the hope in my heart.
I am so glad I listened to the whispers,
so glad I opened my heart to his heart
and so glad we’ve found what we’ve found in one another.


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