Mythical Woman

Dreaming often lately of a woman I’ve never met before

The mishmash of every desirable aspect of everyone I have ever loved,

coalesced into one magnificent being, yet even more.

She is the embodiment of everything I deserve, everything I long for

She is a reflection of my greatest attributes,

the knower of my every flaw, who loves me anyways.

She kisses gently, yet her love is fierce,

her skin is soft and supple, her character is strong

Her skin contrasts with mine, our hearts blend seamlessly.

In my dream she is always wearing a comfortable and cozy sweater

I feel alive yet secure in her embrace,

long legs wrapped around me like a blanket.

Yet I have never seen her face, every other detail is so exact

it is as if her face is so beautiful, I’d be blinded by it,

or maybe I cannot see her face because she must remain a mystery. . .

Dream often lately.

Of a woman.

I’ve never met before.


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