Why I Love You

I love the way you put things in perspective,
even though I might resist your logic at first-
when my emotions are all over the place,
you bring me back down to earth.

I love the sound of your voice
and its calming effect, it brings peace
even when the rest of life seems so frantic.

I love the way your skin feels against mine
whether it’s lying chest to chest
or just holding hands while talking,
your skin is like a stress stone – soothing to my soul.

I love being in your presence
and how no matter what else is going on in the world
in your strength I feel reassured and safe.

I love your confidence
even in the most stressful of times
you help me to know, everything will work out.

I love your ambition
you never settled for what others expected
or the life other’s may have seen you doomed for.

I love your honesty
you don’t sugar coat things
you don’t make excuses for yourself or permit others to.

I love that you don’t allow yourself to be put in a box
confined by stereotypes or outdated social expectations,
based on race or gender – and you don’t place me in a box either.

I love how I feel when I am with you.

I love that you push me to be the best me possible.

I love your passion.

I love your sense of right and wrong.

I love your creativity.

I love your charisma and charm.

I love that my kids love you.

I love that you love me.

I love what we are together.

I love the past we’ve shared,
I love the present we have
and I love the future we’ll create.


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