This Place

Finally was able to get all of my poetry that was trapped in the world of Myspace! So I will be posting them here one at a time….starting with one of my favorites I had thought may be lost forever!

This Place

My love for you is a clear, crisp vision in my head
I don’t know how to articulate into words,
but just so you can grasp its depth, I will make a futile attempt.

Your eyes look at me, through me
as if trying to map out every fiber of my being,
to etch each detail into your consciousness.
There is a subtle flare of your nostrils,
breathing in my scent, the best trigger for future memories.

Hands so soft, like a lie, masking the rough road
that has brought you to me.
My head nestles perfectly, as if cradled, between neck and shoulder.

There is no need for words, though we could talk for hours
Our legs twisted together, my hand on your chest,
gently strokes a small patch of curly hairs.

This, this place where our breath mingles,
where our bodies meld together, seemingly made for each other,
as my breast fits in the palm of your hand.

This place; where tears, laughter, fantasies, fears,
hopes, mistakes and aspirations flow so freely.
This is the place of my soul’s homecoming,
of my childhood dreams becoming a womanly reality.

This place is my emotional Rock of Gibraltar.
It is the answer to unspoken prayers,
the accumulation of all life’s trials and tribulations
have brought me here, into your arms,
to bathe in your love for eternity.


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