Monotone Life

Trapped in a world I no longer recognize

where love is vanquished and dreams seize to exist

Confined in a world lacking true emotion

where day-to-day existence is robotic,

one foot in front of the other down a path to nowhere.

If I were cut would I bleed?

What would it take to create tears in my eyes again?

To have true joy spill from my heart?

I vaguely remember those feelings,

if I try hard enough, I can recall what love felt like

can pretend for a moment to be bathed in it

before reality rushes back in and  its extinguished.

Stuck in a world that reads more like a textbook than a novel,

looks more like a black and white silent film

than a vibrant, full-color, action-packed flick.

Trapped, confined, stuck

I know there must be a way out

but I don’t even know the words that would need to be written

to rewrite the story, to alter the course.


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