My Brief Respite in the Woods

green blanket of leaves.JPGdark cracked mud beneath my footsteps

a canopy of green above my head,

held up by sturdy, rugged trunks,

a carpet of green everywhere

aside from the winding dirt path I follow.

The green is made so much more vivid

from the rains of mother earth

sporadic pops of lavender, burgundy, lemony yellowyellow flowers.JPG

creep into the landscape here and there.

I can small the rain the canopy is protecting me from,

wafting in on a soft breeze

I stay quiet, only wandering on the path meant for me,

as to not disturb any of the surrounding beauty.

I watch my step as even on this man made path

nature intrudes with roots weaving in and out

and slick moss covered rocks attempting to trip me up

roots and rocks.jpgas the path meanders further and further down.

All at once, the path opens up, the canopy parts

to give me the view I’ve been travelling towards

looking out over the bluff,

sun shining, even as a distant haze looms.

More spectacular hues of brown and green,

as the river and the land intermingle with one another,

seemingly confused as to where one ends and one begins.

I breathe in and out deeply and scan the horizon,

a few farms are dotted across the landscape,

buoys direct traffic on the river, a train whistles by in the distance

subtle reminders – this view is not completely unspoiled.river.jpg


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