Nature, My Love

Tettegouche 3

My Solace, my anchor,

Our love affair untarnished

You send a cool breeze across my skin,

Soothing my aching body, calming my frazzled nerves.

Your magnificent splendor

Awakens all my senses,

You whisper sounds of beauty into my ears,

I yearn to lay in you,

To awaken every day surrounded by you,

To selfishly have you all to myself.

I want to save you,

To protect you and keep you pristine,

I cry when I see you damaged,

I don’t like sharing you with those whom don’t appreciate you.

tettegouche 1

You tried to rescue me when I was young and broken,

But I didn’t listen as well then as I should have,

You again comforted me when I was an unsure young mother

As I brought my children to you,

You helped us to bond and to laugh and to find peace under your glistening stars.

You’ve helped to mend broken hearts,

Been the only one I could cry out to in grief

You don’t tell a soul when I’m weak,

When I cry up at your majestic trees and scream

Or row in your calming waters until my arms can’t move anymore

To get out all the pent up frustrations.

When I am alone within your beauty,

All the chaos of the world falls away….


tettegouche 2



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