I Hope She Does

Does she appreciate everything she has?

Everything I always wanted, in the palm of her hands, is she gentle with it?

Does she savor every moment spent beside you?

Does she smile every day she wakes up and looks over at you, sound asleep at her side?

Does she reach over and touch you, so grateful to have you so close?

Has she memorized every inch of your flesh? Does she try to count every hair on your head as she drifts off to sleep?

Does she cherish your babies, tell them she’ll love them always and forever, and mean it to her core?

Does she realize your arms are the most comforting place in the whole of the universe?

Does she love you so deeply you’ve seeped into her DNA, have you forever become a part of who she is?

Does she love your family, in all their quirkiness, and look forward with glee at becoming a part of the loving chaos?

Has she vowed to never allow insecurity or stubbornness or doubt shatter it all?

Does she appreciate how lucky she is to have you so completely? …. I hope she does.


Tell me what you think!

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