The Risk is Worth It

Why would we ever love, when every great love suffers great loss?

When we say I do, we’re saying I do through life’s toughest challenges

A promise given on a cheerful and celebratory day,

includes one of us likely holding the hand of the other through disease and death,

through chemo and endless doctor appointments,

memory loss or loss of bodily function,

moments of uncertainty and moments of certain despair.

Why would we open ourselves up to so much pain,

make our hearts vulnerable to unbearable heartbreak?


If we don’t, who holds our hand when we are sick?

Who reassures us when we are scared,

holds us so tightly that the world feels safe again?

Who gets us to laugh when we feel like crying,

makes us remember the joy even through the pain?


If we do not remain open to love, no matter the risk,

we lose so much of what it means to be human.


We are so much more resilient than we ever knew

no matter how many times our heart is shattered,

it has this unbelievable knack for repairing itself

Never new again, forever altered, but stronger,

and better for having loved so deeply that the loss hurt so greatly.


Tell me what you think!

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