God Bless You…cause you’re special!

I know that I will piss a lot of people off with this blog post, but it is one of those things that I hear people say quite frequently that boggles my mind! You know the routine; music super star who thanks God when they win an award, football player who thanks God when he wins a game, soccer mom who thanks God when she finds her keys, unemployed person who thanks God when they finally get a job, or random person on Facebook constantly thanking God for blessing their life in minute ways. Do these people live in a bubble? Are they extremely ignorant, arrogant or just plane insensitive???

Children all over Africa are orphaned when their parents die from AIDS.  Young girls are kidnapped or sold into sexual slavery every day. People die of cancer, people loose their children to cancer, people are beaten and tortured and abused. People around the world live in abject poverty and die of starvation. Yet, by your way of thinking, some all knowing, all powerful deity doesn’t lift a finger to help them, save them, heal them, rescue them – yet, he helps you. He blesses you. He gives you a job, helps you nail that song, win that game, find that lost item, buy that new car. Wow. You must be REALLY important!


Tell me what you think!

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