Little Black Boys Dying

I feel sick, I feel sick, I feel sick
Little boys are dying
Yet so much of humanity has no humanity
Their dark skin makes them grown,
It seems to make your skin crawl when we refer to them as son,
Child, teenager, even – young man,
Though some are not even close to manhood.
You prefer words like ghetto, thug, thief,
Say he felt like Hulk Hogan in your hands
Had the look of a demon in his eyes
You felt fear, fear for your life, this I do not doubt.

But why?
Why do you not give him the benefit of the doubt?
Why do you not see the innocence in his eyes?
Why do they not get the same “boys will be boys” pass?
I see a picture of Tamir Rice and the first word to my mind is “adorable”
Why is the first thought in yours “imminent threat”?
How can you gun down a child in 1.5 seconds?
By the age of 10, his dark skin seems to deprive him of his childhood
Childhood – the perception of innocence and the need to be protected
Childhood, where mistakes are made and lessons learned
What kind of lessons are we teaching?
What kind of lesson is it to live in fear?
To be perceived as an adult years before you are?
To be stripped of your humanity?
To be stereotyped, persecuted, and then…then what do we do?
We blame them when they stumble,
We strip them of their innocence, of their protection,
of the Childhood they should have had.
And then persecute them when they falter
When they fall in line with what we expected of them.

We need to do better. We MUST do better.
Mothers should not fear their sons walking to the store
Mothers should not have to instill fear into their children
Mothers should not have to speak on camera about their little boys,
Gunned down and left in the street for hours.
Little boys should not be suspended, expelled, and gunned down more
Because their dark skin makes you see them, not as the children that they are.
We must restore black children’s humanity, their childhoods,
but how?


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