Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?

Do you ache for me?
Do I creep into your mind
at random or inopportune times?
Do you long to feel my touch…
can your skin almost remember it?
Do your lips miss mine?
Do you feel stupid or foolish?
Wish you didn’t crave me so much?

Or am I now just an ex?
Someone you barely remember?
Been over so long
I rarely enter your thoughts?
Given your heart to so many others
that I’m not in it at all anymore?
Could you never see me again
and have that be just fine?

Feels that way.
Like the passion was extinguished
for one of us, but not the other.
One of us dreams, hopes, longs,
aches, craves, lusts and loves still.
One of us hears and sees things frequently
that reminds us of the other.
One of us still cares, too much,
the other, seemingly, not at all….


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