Your Undivided Attention


I want your undivided attention, put your phone away, computer off and look at me, Really look at me, look into my eyes you’ve seen a million times as if for the first time

See in them the essence of who I am, who you know me to be, See the love that is only for you reflected back at you through them.

As we breathe each other in and stand almost uncomfortably close, you can close your eyes now

Close them, but open your heart back up as we kiss soft, tenderly and then with the passion only we can

Our mouths are made for each other,  drink in the memory of our history of love drenched kisses

Pull me closer to you, allow our hearts to beat in rhythm with each other as we get lost in the moment

As we undress, as our skin meets again, as every touch sends chills down my spine, let go

I want you to remember every inch of my body, while at the same time feel like you’re discovering it all for the first time

As we lay down, as we become as physically intimate as two people can, as we ride waves of ecstasy, I want it to all melt away

I want your undivided attention, I want your thoughts to become a blur, as you make love to me I want us to become love again

Do not stop, do not seize to melt into me, to intertwine our bodies, our souls, our very beings until every mistake ever made washes away.

When we finally finish, I want us to renew every promise we ever made to each other, to wonder how we ever survived without each other, to vow to never again let go!


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