We Cannot Undo What We Say or Do….

My biggest and most painful life lesson, which I have been reminded of and thinking on a lot lately.

Before you make any decision take as much time as you need to breathe, to slow down, and to really think about it before verbalizing your decision or acting upon it. Make sure you are making decisions based on who you truly are, what you truly want, not influenced by those around you for whom these decisions do not directly impact and that you are making decisions not based on impulse but making decisions that you can live with today, tomorrow and six months from now.

This lesson is based on life lessons learned in dealing with relationships, but I am sure should be applied more broadly in all kinds of decisions we must make about our lives. We are an instant gratification society, we want what we want when we want it which is usually NOW. Too many of us say whatever pops into our heads the moment it pops in there – I have been guilty of this far too many times. We are uncomfortable in the silence it takes to really reflect. We don’t filter out the constant noise that is other people’s opinions, we feel rude telling them to back off and give us the space we need without their, far too often, negative 2-cents.

Reaping the consequences of our impulsive, ill-advised, non-big picture, emotion based decisions can be devastating. All the what-ifs, all the play backs in your head, all the wishing you could take back what you did, what you said, all the times you try to clarify what you “really meant” but which came out in a burst of anger…none of that matters. What you said you said, what you did you did, it cannot be undone or unsaid so choose your words and your actions carefully.


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