“god” isn’t going to live your life for you!!!

So, I see these postings all the time on Facebook relating to god and love/marriage. They are common memes like “a woman should be so in love with Christ that a man has to seek him to find her” or “if a man isn’t following god, he isn’t fit to lead…If he doesn’t have a relationship with god, he won’t know how to have a relationship with you…if he doesn’t know god, he doesn’t know real love.”

I find it interesting that in general, those who talk the most about god and god’s blessings seem to have the worst lives! How is god blessing you, yet you are constantly in a state of crisis? When it comes to relationships, these are the women who are constantly referencing god and the kind of man god wants for them – yet they have multiple kids, by multiple men, have never been married or had a successful long-term relationship: How is that waiting for a “godly man” to lead you, to be submissive to, working out? And who on earth would want someone to “lead” them anyways?! Don’t you want a relationship that is a partnership between two EQUALS???

The one I especially love, typically from women who are approaching 40 or beyond, are reminders that “everything happens in god’s time.” Is this your way of reassuring yourselves that it is OK to still be single? Are you sure it is “god’s time” and not just the choices YOU have made up until this point in your life? Have you pushed people away who could have been a good match for you because you were emotionally damaged? Are you working on fixing yourself, repairing the damage from past abuses or insecurities – or are you waiting for god to place someone in front of you that will magically make you a whole person without any of the work?

I think people lean on this divine in such unhealthy ways so much of the time, especially when it comes to death as it is comforting to them. But, equally it seems in explaining away the fact that they do not have the life they want. Instead of taking personal responsibility for their own actions, instead of going out there and putting forth their own best efforts, they keep telling themselves this delusional lie that whatever it is they want out of life will happen on “god’s time.” You are deserving RIGHT NOW, without waiting for any magical fairytale. All you have to do is take life by the reins and create your own life. Set goals, put yourself in situations where you will meet new people, go to therapy if you need to, get rid of negativity in your life.

Waiting on “god” will almost certainly leave you disappointed and waste valuable years of your life – the one and only life you’ll ever have – so live it well!!!


Tell me what you think!

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