I Look GREAT in the Rearview Mirror

Just a random poem about something that seems to happen to me soooooo much!  Just one example: the guy who moved away, married a gal from his hometown, had a baby, wifey went crazy/he said they were getting a divorce and he’s like “You are one of the sweetest, coolest chics I’ve ever met – I so should have stayed with you.”  Yep – I am. I don’t scream, throw things, break things, get the cops called and I would never EVER hit someone I care about. My jealous streak only comes out when someone has already broken my trust, and even then it is pretty mild.  If I’m with you I will give my ALL to you, I only wish I could ever find someone who was willing to give their ALL back to me, instead of walking away and then coming back later saying they “made a mistake” or “have regrets.”  They still usually just say it though, its not like they make a grand gesture to fix it.  Men seem to like crazy, they seem to LIKE all the things they complain about – because that is who they stay with, have babies with, move in with, sometimes marry…. not the “least crazy girl they’ve ever dated” Not the “most chill, cool chic they know that don’t cause no drama.”  Nope – they stay with CRAZY!  So, all the accolades in the world don’t warm my bed at night! 😉

Don’t throw me away like garbage,

dismiss me, walk away when I ask you to stay

act like someone or something else is more important

like my love isn’t all that great 

Then come back saying I’m the greatest,

I’m the coolest chic you ever met,

when the crazy woman you chose gets to be too much

don’t say you can’t stop thinking about me

when you didn’t give a second thought to breaking my heart.


I deserve someone who sees how amazing I am

when we meet face-to-face, not in the rearview mirror,

not after it’s too late, not after he’s sealed our fate

with life decisions he’s made


Tell me what you think!

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