I Can’t Make Love to Myself!

I’ve tried to replicate your touch
to make love to myself in your place
to keep a perfect vision of you in mind
as I whisper I love you outloud, I try to hear you say it back,
as I touch all of the places that yearn for you.
I bite my bottom lip,
increase my breathing, thrust my hips
towards where yours should be.

Without you there to meet me,
they’re left confused, the rhythm is off
I’m pulsing and aching in need
try to trick my body by closing my eyes,
moaning your name,
but every part of my being has you memorized,
this body is not so easily fooled.
It reacts in inconsolable disappointment
every goosebump, raised hair, tense muscle,
every ounce of my body filled with anticipation is let down.
There is no release in your absence
and I am left still craving your touch,
your love, your presence
the only person who both my mind and body
can completely let go with…


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