Stop dreaming for who you no longer are

There is a time for everything

a finite window in which certain dreams are either realized

or not

when that time has passed

you must exhale and let go of the dreams

of the possibility unrealized

of things that can no longer be.

That time will not come back,

circumstances will never be the exact same way again

the window was wide open, full of what could be

but life did not coalesce in the way envisioned in youth.

Let go and see what possibilities lie before you

stop looking out the window of yesterday’s failed dreams

stop yearning for things that no longer make sense in your current state of being

youth will not return,

your children will not freeze in time,

waiting on that perfect family you had hoped to give them

They are becoming young women now,

have stopped asking you for a baby brother

so stop wishing you could give them what you didn’t when the time was ripe


Exhale, let go, move forward, dream again, new dreams

dreams that make sense, dreams that don’t entail turning back time.


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