How do you create an environment conducive to creativity?

I need to have a bedside lamp and notepad next to my bed! It seems when I am half-asleep/half-conscious I have these amazing ideas for things I should write about, yet when I wake up all I can remember is that I HAD an amazing idea and not exactly what that idea was. I remember that I had one of those a few nights ago, that I kept churning it over and adding to it in my head. I also remember foolishly thinking “I’ll write this all down when I wake up.” The substance of that “great idea”? No clue!

I have sadly realized lately that my house has become a black-hole of creativity when the lights are on. I need to revamp completely how we live day-to-day for various reasons. There is just way too much technology always running, which sucks you into a mindless, brain numbing existence. My kids jump when I walk in the door and quickly turn off whatever gadget they were playing with as if I will be completely oblivious to the fact that they were just moments before in a technology induced coma! My teenage daughter I believe has watched every tween/teen show that Netflix has in its library – sometimes under the guise of being online doing research for homework. Even when people are listening to their devices with headsets, the house is never quiet – as there is still that underlying, faint hum of constantly being plugged in.
I know this dragging winter has not helped much. It is not very inspiring most of the time to be constantly cold. We can’t get out and go sledding, ice skating, tubing or skiing when it is either dangerously cold or snowing all the time! I am hoping that Spring will come soon and with it I will usher in change. We will get out of the house more, explore the world which always sparks things to write about. I will have a writing instrument and paper with me at all times for when inspiration hits. And, occasionally, I will even seek it out. Seek out the solitude in the middle of the woods with nature’s music as my background noise. The girls go to Summer Camp for almost 2 weeks every summer. During their absence I am going to get away from it all and just reflect inward for a few days – and hopefully pour a lot out onto paper. We are going to go for more hikes and I will not forget to have fully charged batteries so that my teenager can take a million photographs (she is a great photographer).
What do all of my fellow writers do to get their writing juices flowing? How do you block out the constant presence of technology (social media, streaming videos, etc.)? Do you have a trick for making sure you do write down those “ah hah” moments? How do you create an environment conducive to creativity?


Tell me what you think!

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