Where is the Balance?

Where is the Balance? Living your life to the fullest, while putting your kids’ wellbeing first….

I love an inspirational story! Who doesn’t? A story of determination. overcoming, reaching for your dreams, living each day as if its your last, true love conquering all, long-lost loves reunited, and so on. I believe that this is the one and only life we have and that we need to live it to the fullest. I want to be reminded of that, to be pulled out of the mundane and reminded to reach for my dreams. BUT, I found the below linked story to be disturbing. I liked the underlying premise, but it just seems so reckless and selfish. I can’t say for sure that the author made the wrong decision, I am not in her day-to-day life, I am not her children, I am not in any way affected by her choices.

However, it reminded me of people in my own life whose decisions have affected me. I recall when I was 11 and my mom said she had raised her kids – it was time to live HER life. Hello, we were 11, I’m pretty sure we weren’t done being raised yet! But, she was having fun and in love with a man 13 years younger than her and that was all that mattered. I have a sister who used to move every guy she dated in with her and her kids! She’s met “the one” I don’t know how many times, and I’ve cringed as I’ve seen her kids get attached to so many different guys over the years, most of which were not very positive role models.

I guess the thing that bothered me most is that the author never once mentioned taking her kids’ lives, feelings, wants, needs into consideration. In my opinion, when you choose to become a parent you choose to put your kids first. Sure, you shouldn’t stay in a marriage that is unhealthy or do other things that aren’t good for your kids because its what they want, but you should always do what is in their best interst. Its the standard courts are supposed to use when deciding custody matters. Being a parent doesn’t mean you completely neglect your own happiness, but there should be a balance. I read this wanting to feel inspired, and instead it just left me feeling a little disturbed:



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