I Miss You

I miss being in your presence,
how comfortable your embrace is,
the sound of your voice –
soothing, reassuring and sexy all at once.
I miss your strength, your calm,your charm.
I miss the feel of your touch
from the reassuring hand on my leg in the car
to the sweet touch on my back that lingers long after we kiss goodbye.
I miss the excited feeling everytime I prepared to see you –
the prospect of seeing you always left me giddy
never became dull or routine.
I miss your scent, your laugh, your eyes,
your sweetness…

I know I never had you ALL the way,
and someone else does now,
someone else gets those day-to-day moments
the glimpses into your imperfections,
you with your guard down, flaws unhidden.
Someone else has all of you,
minus the tiny part of your heart I once held.
I miss something that was never truly mine
I miss the parts of you I knew and cherished,
the only pieces you ever allowed me to see
I miss someone I never truly had, not completely,
not without reservations or parts of himself blocked off.

I miss you – but it is time to move on
to let go of the longing
for someone I never truly had anyways.


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