Starving for Love, Settling for Crumbs

I was starving for love
thirsty, aching in my desire to create home,
to be connected, to have a partner
Wanted to feel love, to be touched,
so badly I settled for crumbs.
I caved in to an old, familiar touch,
to comforting words spoken,
even though I KNEW, or should have,
that these were not going to end my hunger.
I gave pieces of myself away
for a moment, a fleeting moment
instead of keeping it all together,
waiting for the full feast to be ready.

Now my hunger is no longer so strong,
will take something mighty wonderful to tempt me.
I took too many crumbs,
it has ruined my appetite.


4 thoughts on “Starving for Love, Settling for Crumbs”

  1. Sad, hungry (to use your line of imagery), heavy and nearly hopeless. I say nearly because the fact that you can break it down like this and articulate on it means that there are parts of you not dead and they still believe in something better, something really good.

    As Celine Dion’s song goes, love comes to those who believe it. Sometimes we just have to stop looking for it and start taking care of ourselves more. You’ve probably heard it too many times before, but take it from me. They are right. 🙂


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