Perfect Love

He’s perfect for me
We’re the perfect match
He’s the perfect guy.

No he’s not.
Perfection is an illusion
You’re on a mythical journey seeking perfection.

Expect him to say the right thing all the time,
to always support you, always be the hero, always be kind or giving.
He’ll never say anything hurtful,
never fail to see what you need and give it to you,
he will always do all of the things you think a man should and you’ll ride happily off into the sunset.

He is as flawed and scarred and imperfect as you,
He will let you down.
He will say things that will cut you like a knife,
he’ll look at that sexy girl walking by,
he’ll be late, he’ll forget, he’ll be crabby, have a bad day
he will not understand you, not get along with members of your family, do things you find incredibly irritating.

You will argue, you will cry, you’ll feel insecure and he won’t always reassure you.

Love is not perfection,
we know this in nearly every other relationship we have,
yet seek it or expect it in a partner
We know that family member who drives us crazy, says things that make us cringe,
yet we love them anyways,
see past their flaws, call them quirks,
we forgive their shortcomings,
we need to be just as quick to support, forgive, trust, and seek to understand
those we say we’ll love forever.


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