Teenage Me

More poems from my teen years:


Your soft skin, so pale –
like the sweetest cream
engulfs my senses
(I can almost feel it
upon my finger tips)
Your eyes embrace me
and I nearly shake in your presence:
Goddess, please take me
The melody of your voice
plays the most wanted song
upon my ears.
Hair the color of gold
fire chariots
lines your face so precisely
and rests upon the small of your back.
I smell your essence linger
long after you’ve left my vision
(like Irish Crème and April rain)
forever your impression stays
in the reality of my mind.

Beautiful and full of color,
constantly changing
how I am viewed – never constant
Yet the things that form my interior are still the same,
just seen in a different light.
My blue gems of sorrow
aren’t so easily seen by some
yet to others it is vividly reflected
Red gems of passion entwine
with other aspects, to be held onto
Green is always noticeable
as my color of love and devotion,
but the clearness of purity
at times seems covered in colors.
I am a kaleidoscope, ever changing
I like to be high on a shelf –
left in peace,
and I feel ready to break
when a man gets a hold of me
he twists and controls my reflection.
Someone’s always picking up the pieces
when life drops me down the stairs
and all my pieces are bare, broken,
exposed upon the cold floor.
Right now,
I think I need a little more super glue.

Lost Chance
Lost what I never had
and became a part of me
all my miseries fell into his ears
joys dependent on him.
He trusted me – best friends
now fallen and changed faces
in my heart I cherish
a man who no longer exists
drugs damaged his character,
arrogance fills his voice,
and no longer he seems to care.
Come back or disappear,
your presence drives me insane
and tears fall in grief
Over the death of you


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