Poems of a Life Past

I am trying to write the next chapter of My Life in Parts, and it is taking longer than expected as I don’t want to just brush over certain parts. Also, my memory is a little foggy and so I intend to go over it with some people who may be able to fill in missing parts or clarify timelines. In the meantime, I have been looking through notebooks and journals from when I was a teenager. I wrote A LOT of poetry, and wow – some of it was DEPRESSING, some of it beautiful. And so, I am giving my teenage self a voice and posting some of those poems on here. Do not worry about me and think I am depressed, suicidal or using drugs as these poems are all 17 – 20 years old. Maybe some will be helpful to those going through their own struggles, as I am proof that you can overcome.


The Demons that posses me
are left nameless
in shadows they lurk,
but also
in the sunlight of an acting smile,
sliding down endless tears
they rest in my heart
and control my emotions.
Powders up my nose,
pills slip down my throat,
acid soaked paper
on a thirsty pink tongue,
wickedly they laugh.
The Demons share my nightmares
they invite them for more
the more I hurt
the stronger they grip, LET GO!
I beg of you my mercy
to restore my inner peace
I fall to my knees once again
to give back to me
what I’m no longer sure I ever had;
happiness, love given
instead of taken, serene dreams,
a mind free of addiction.
The Demons that posses me
I beg of you
to let me go,
or let me die!


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