Poems I wrote as a teen more about Social issues….

Death after death
Life after life
Taken, stolen, ruined
Masked injustice rules
Murder of innocence
America’s own Holocaust
Oppression stands tall
Head in the clouds
Justice lays unseen
Mistold pastures green,
An American dream
And you’ll see
A nightmare foreseen.

How to be an American … Middle Class
Faithfull, perhaps blindly
follow the capitalist path of greed
praise democracy
with your ethnocentric perspective
Live a luxurious life
while all the time complaining
of what you’ve yet to obtain
have superficial empathy
for starving children on your color TV
Worship destructive technology
as you sit in your passionless marriage
Pet your Persian
play with your German Shepherd
raise your kids in the hands of strangers
Eat your McDonalds,
your Olive Garden, sipping rum and coke
Go to church Sunday morning,
maybe Wednesday night too
Breathe in your gasoline, your aerosol,
your factory smoke
and die oppressed & inferior
(now that your superior mind is gone)

Leviticus 18:22
Follows the pattern of a hero myth
probably written on a good trip
now so worshipped and tightly gripped
Sunday morning, sitting with a hangover,
listening to the verses you’ve never read
getting tired, feeling almost dead.
You believe in a man who hardly lived,
thirsting for an explanation to all of this,
and in the journey to believe you’re good
you keep the book dusted and marked
page 106, Leviticus
and though inside you cry at 18:22 you know what you must do.
Confess your immoral thoughts
to a man who gave his life away
keep inside your great desire
and your soul shall deteriorate
as you live behind a façade of faith.
Sitting on that wooden bench one day
you take your last breath
and pass away,
never felt love – for Homosexuality you hid
as that intolerant faith condemns
such an enormous sin.

Ignorance surrounds me here
as it pushes its presence
into my conscious,
angering me
and forcing me to face this harsh reality.
I do not think they yet understand
how their words hurt so –
as they speak without thinking first.
For knowledge I have such a thirst
if only I could open their hearts up – to love
force their souls free.
I wish I could ignore the words
spoke in ignorance,
but they echo in my mind
maybe my heart is too tender or kind,
but I can’t understand their hate
I just know how badly it makes me hurt.
My soul bleeds
for all the ones who they prematurely judge –
before given a chance.
Now I must give you this choice –
shut your mouth
or open your mind.

So many tears are shed
through suffering and pain
Our country is so violent,
we need to reclaim our name.
“America the Beautiful”
not America the Bleeding.
Another shot goes off
we need to teach the children
not to kill one another,
but to love each other.
Our differences are beautiful
not something you should hate,
we are who we are
and that’s called fate.
Racism is stupidity and fear,
a world built on liberty
is killing all who come too near.
and this endless game of hate
will soon bring us,
to our final fate.


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