Constant Chill

I cannot dispel this chill from my bones,
it has sunken in so deep and now radiates out of every pore
I breath in the chill and breath it back out, as my nose is now like a cold little puppy nose
everything I touch has a chill to it, reinforcing the chill in my hands,
and sending it back through my whole body –
in a virtual state of non-stop goose-bumps.
I drink hot liquids, they warm just the surface they slide down,
and my hands momentarily – although the moment I set the warm cup down,
that warmth dissipates and the chill returns.
I get a cup of piping hot chicken and dumplings,
this has to alleviate the chill from my body for a little while,
the liquid is warm, the dumplings almost burn my throat on the way down,
yet I still can’t stop thinking about how cold my toes are,
how I wish they were bathing in the same warm liquid as the dumplings.

I swore this year I would embrace winter sports,
since it seems we’ll be stuck in this cold tundra for at least another four winters –
yet the mere thought of doing anything with that cold whipping across your face,
through your entire body, with nowhere to hide from it,
just makes the chills worse, makes me wish there was a fireplace to sit beside aslways.
The winter I finally consign myself to staying here for the children’s sake,
finally decide I’ll learn how to ski and try a little harder to keep my balance on skates,
as luck would have it, it’s the coldest winter I can remember,
or at least the only one that has turned my blood into ice water,
unable to shake these eternal chills from my bones.


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