Merry Christmas

Yes, I am an atheist who LOVES Christmas! For me it was NEVER about Jesus (ok, maybe for a year or two when I tried really hard to be a good Christian for some crazy reason!). But for me Christmas was always about family, about taking time to enjoy the winter season, to fill the house with the sights, sounds and smells of the season.

It is the time when you’re overjoyed by that cold, white stuff covering the ground. It’s when moms and daughters spend countless hours baking cookies, pies and other goodies; including the year we made a huge batch of baklava together. It is when the months, or some years only a few weeks, of searching for and/or making the perfect gift for everyone you care about culminates in being able to see those loved ones open the gifts you’ve put so much heart into. It is waking up before your kids to fill their stockings with all the little trinkets you’ve collected for them, even though they know it’s me and not Santa. It’s decorating the Christmas tree together, reminiscing about when you got this ornament or when the kids made that one that is barely hanging in there. Christmas is holiday light displays, homemade snowflakes, the Christmas display at Dayton’s (which, admittedly has become wack since Macy’s took over). It is candy canes, egg nog, pickled herring, warm apple cider, comfy slippers, time off from school and work, Christmas carols, peanut brittle, decorated sugar cookies, ginger bread houses…

I hope many of you get to enjoy the things about this season that make you feel all warm and gooey inside, carry on traditions that make you feel like a kid again, or even branch out and start some of your own traditions!


Tell me what you think!

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